$10,000 for 10 Years

Help us help our filmmakers!

For our 10th year together, we've taken on the challenge of putting $10,000 back into our film community!

And as a community-based organization, we’ll do it the way we do all things–as the community. 

We’re tasking our members, kind strangers, and other supporters of the film scene in the Carolinas with the 10 for 10 challenge

Donate $10 or more and before long we will meet our goal of $10,000 for 10 years of building the film community in the Carolinas!

Everyone knows someone who knows someone, and all of those someones together make a huge difference.  Spread the word through your network and encourage your network to spread the word through their networks, and the dominoes will do their thing.

CFC is a 501c3 non-profit organization, so each donation you give is tax deductible. 

The name of every person who donates at least $10 will be featured on our step and repeat at the annual Made in Carolinas Film Event in September.  

Over the past 10 years the Made in Carolinas Film Project has shown over a hundred locally-made short films by new and aspiring independent filmmakers and given away over $25,000 to support their creation. Thank you for joining this legacy and supporting the arts in your community!

Sponsor perks for those interested in contributing more can be seen below!

CFC is a 501c3 organization, so each gift you give is tax deductible! 

And who doesn’t love a good tax write-off?  As a local non-profit, we pour the money we raise back into the community.  

How close are we to our goal?

Sponsor Tiers & Perks

Interested in giving more? Higher donors get special perks!

We already mentioned that the name of every person who donates at least $10 will be featured on our step and repeat at the annual Made in Carolinas Film Event in September.  But larger donors can expect even more! 

Becoming a sponsor of the Made in Carolinas Film Project is a rewarding experience.  We’ve pulled together a chart of different donor tiers to prove it!  

Sponsorships are available in 3 tiers: Screenwriter ($500+), Director ($1000+), and Producer ($1500+).

Perks range from mentions in our event program to half pages, publicly displayed logos at our Step and Repeat sponsored event to featured sponsor articles and logos on our CFC website!  

Explore the full list of perks on the chart below.

Can I donate via check or cash?

Absolutely!  Don’t hesitate to reach out to juli@carolinafilmcommunity.com to arrange an alternate donation method or with any other questions you may have.  

Thank you for supporting the Carolina Film Community!