Script Writing Workshop

The Script To Screen Workshop is on haitus!

A Great Opportunity for Screenwriters and Actors Alike

The Script Workshop is included as a part of your Carolina Film Community membership.  Join fellow writers in a table read of member’s scripts followed by constructive criticism and discussion.  

Once a month, attendees of the workshop read up to 30 pages of two scripts that are provided by local writers in a cold, table read. This is a great opportunity for writers to hear their scripts out loud, read by a variety of voices. The writers are then given immediate and actionable feedback that will help with the next draft. Actors practice their cold-reading skills and connect with filmmakers.

The workshop group is open to reading everything: shorts and features, series and episodic shows, screenplays, radio shows and stage plays. Writers, producers, directors, editors, actors and other filmmaking crew members are encouraged to attend. They also discuss topics that can help any writer improve upon their talent, such as books, writing software, and techniques.

Members who have paid the annual membership of $25 to the Carolina Film Community have free access to the group. All other guests and meetup members pay a $5 fee at the door which goes towards the cost of renting the venue.

About the Venue: The Script to Screen Workshop meets at NC Music Factory. It’s a wonderful space with meeting rooms perfect for group script readings.

Parking is free.