The Filmmaker Spotlight is an annual event created by Carolina Film Community (CFC). The goal of the Filmmaker Spotlight is to highlight and promote twelve local filmmakers in North and South Carolina. All types of filmmakers, from Screenwriters to Producers to Directors are included, as we showcase the talent in our industry. In addition to an annual event, CFC also spends one month focused on each of the filmmakers, and features that filmmaker on the CFC website and on social media.
Congratulations to the members of the 2017 Filmmaker Spotlight. Each member has shown a dedication to the art of filmmaking in the Carolinas over the past year and we want to recognize them for their hard work. Be sure to check out our monthly articles to highlight our Featured Filmmaker.

The 2017 Members!

Ryen Thomas

AJ Schraeder

Dane Keil

Cat Berkowitz