What are my membership and entry fees used for?

This is the question that we get asked the most and for good reason. Everyone wants to know that their membership fees are being used to better the group.  Rest assured all monies collected on behalf of the CFC are used to pay the operating costs of the organization.
With a group our size, it’s easy to see what those costs are. They include
−      Monthly venue rentals
−      Speaker fees (when applicable)
−      Awards for contests (including cash prizes)
−      Special events
−      Office supplies
−      Marketing materials
−      Website and website maintenance
−      Monthly meetup.com fees
−      And the many other expenses that can come up in the day-to-day operations of an organization.
If you’re familiar with business and networking organizations similar to the CFC, then you know that membership fees and meeting dues are a common occurrence. The CFC makes every effort to ensure its membership costs remain reasonable for everyone who wants to participate.
Who are the leaders and what are their roles?
Currently, the CFC is led by a group of dedicated volunteers. Please click on  The Team to learn more about our volunteers and their roles in the organization.
Also, each volunteer is available to answer questions and offer assistance regarding the CFC and the local filmmaking industry.  We encourage you to email them and/or talk to them at the next meeting!
The group also has an advisory council known as The Filmmakers Roundtable. The advice and guidance from the Roundtable helps the group grow and achieve its ultimate goal of creating more film in Charlotte.
What are the CFC sponsored film contests all about?
Each year, CFC sponsors at least one or two “in-house” film contests. There is generally no fee to enter and contest winners frequently receive cash prizes. We encourage every member to participate.
Each contest creatively ties the City of Charlotte into the film. Past participants have said that they’re a great way to get more involved and make lasting relationships with other film people.
You can always find information on the CFC’s most current contest by clicking on  Film Contests on our home page.
I’m new to filmmaking. How do I get involved?
One of the easiest ways to get involved is to join the CFC’s online community. At the CFC’s meetup.com bulletin board you can learn about local projects or post your own. Have a specific question? Use the site to send a direct message to a fellow CFC member.
Another great way to get involved with other filmmakers is to attend a monthly meeting. In just a short period of time, you can meet lots of other filmmakers and learn what they’re doing in the area. Then, you can tell them about yourself, what you offer, and what you are looking for in the industry. Bring your business cards to a meeting and you just might land your next job!
Are you on facebook? You should be sure to add the CFC Facebook page to your list of pages.
Ok. I want to join! Now what?
Great! There are a couple of different ways to participate. Please keep in mind it is not a requirement for you to become a yearly member to participate in the CFC. Also, meeting dues are payable only when you attend a meeting.
Join our virtual community: You can join us for free as a non-yearly member on our meetup.com page. There you can interact with other members of the community via the bulletin board and/or direct message. As a non-yearly member, you are welcome to attend the monthly meetings held at various venues in the Charlotte area.  The meeting dues for non-yearly members are $10 but the CFC offers a discount if you become a yearly member.
Become a yearly member: To become a yearly member, simply pay the annual membership dues of $25. You can pay one of two ways: at the door before a monthly meeting or online using our secure PayPal feature. Once you become a yearly member, you receive half off of meeting dues (a $5 value) for each meeting you attend. Attend at least three meetings and your membership pays for itself!