Made In Charlotte 2011

Our second annual Made In Charlotte film contest took a different spin by celebrating Halloween with a "What Scares You?" theme.  All entrants had to make a film answering the question of what scares them.  Winner of Best Film was Ben Sliker and Tom Olson.

Charlotte Makes Scenes 2011

Charlotte Makes Scenes is what we like to call a "potluck" film contest.  Each filmmaker drew names of cast and crew and was required to use each person in their film.  This enabled filmmakers to broaden their knowledge of the talent available in Charlotte.  Winner of this contest, with his

Made in Charlotte 2010

Made In Charlotte 2010 was our first annual "Made In Charlotte" competition.  The goal of this contest was to highlight Charlotte's filmmaking talent.  Nine short films were submitted, with the winner of "Best Film" being awarded to John Schwert and Jason King with their film "Queen of Spades".

Creative Charlotte 2009

Creative Charlotte was a 72-hour film contest.  Filmmakers were given an envelope containing a postcard.  Each film had to include the postcard as well as the line "I think I hear the highway calling" in their film.  The winner of this contest, with their film "Back in the Saddle" was