About Us

What is CFC, Anyway?

Carolina Film Community (formerly known as Charlotte Film Community) is a gathering of the Carolinas’ actors, directors, producers, talent agents, coaches, crew, you name it! This group meets monthly to put their minds together with the goal of creating more film in North and South Carolina. By creating film together, we give the Carolinas the reputation of an area that loves film and is ready to bring in more film from around the world.


Our mission is to Meet, Create & Grow film in the Carolinas! 


We bring the local film industry together to create energy and excitement through monthly networking opportunities.  


We serve as the starting point for members among the group to create new film projects; help each other get projects off the ground; stand by as a collective support for new work. 


We get more film projects started and brought to the Carolina area by showing the city and the world that we have a thriving, powerful, growing film community!

Our Story

Carolina Film Community, formerly known as Charlotte Film Community, began a full decade ago in the wee year of 2009. 

This grassroots effort to meet, create, and grow film in the Charlotte area began as just an idea between two friends who loved film. Each time they worked on a film, they realized how much they loved being surrounded by other creatives and felt that others may feel that same way. 

Juli Emmons, Maggie Sargent, and Haven Wagner decided to give it a shot and see if there was even an interest for a group like this. They were pleasantly surprised when the first meeting had over 130 people in attendance. 

It turned out that the Charlotte area had many people who were just waiting for an opportunity like this to meet and network with others in the industry! 

Over the years, and as film incentives changed for North Carolina, the Charlotte Film Community decided to expand to include North Carolina as well as South Carolina and in doing so, renamed itself Carolina Film Community. 

Since its inception, the CFC has continued to provide a community atmosphere that encourages networking and collaborating with others in the area to grow film in the Carolinas.

CFC's Awards

2018 AMG Heritage Awards BEST EDUCATIONAL GROUP Nominee

2017 AMG Heritage Awards BEST SPECIAL EVENT


2015 AMG Heritage Awards BEST SPECIAL EVENT Nominee

2015 Elevate Lifestyle BEST EDUCATIONAL GROUP

2014 Elevate Lifestyle BEST CREATIVE GATHERING

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