Making Films On A Budget Using Your Smart Phone

If you want to make a film on a budget, a smart phone is a great tool! Only a few years ago, a very expensive camera would be required to make a great looking film , but now you can make a professional looking film with a device that you carry in your pocket at all times.

But to get the best out of this amazing piece of technology, you will need to add a few items. Microphones, tripods, tripod adaptors, lights and other filmmaking equipment can often times break the bank and you can even spends hundreds easily to get the best gear for your smartphone when wanting to make a film.

However there are some options that won’t cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Of course, the equipment you find on a budget wont ever be as amazing as the high dollar stuff, but you might be surprised at the quality you find at what is available at a fraction of the cost.

Here are some of the options that have been made availabe for budget equipment choices:

The Takstar SGC-598 is a low cost shotgun microphone with a shock resistant mount, a windsock and a handy carrying pouch. It has often been compared to more expensive microphones like the Rode VideoMic Pro that easily costs hundreds of dollars more. The Takstar is not as high quality as the Rode VideoMic Pro but does stand up well in various tests and is a fraction of the cost.

It also has a cardioid polar pick up pattern which is common for a shotgun microphone and it does a good job of only picking up sounds are that are directly in front of it. However, to get it to work with your Smartphone you will need to add an adaptor like the Rode SC4.

For roughly $25, you really can’t beat this deal.


Boya BY-M1 3.5 mm Lavalier Microphone

A good lapel microphone is essential for doing a sit down interview. The Boya BY-M1  microphone will fit inside your budget and also has good quality audio for sound recordings and is great for interview work. It comes with a six metre long cable for those situations when you need to back away a bit from your subject.

It is an omni-directional condenser microphone so it will pick up sound from all around equally and it comes with a standard 3.5mm jack that you can switch between Smartphone and DSRL. Which is great news as you can even plug it in to your DSLR camera as well as your Smartphone.

The Boya BY-M1 does need a small battery to give the microphone phantom power. That isn’t much of a problem but you’ll need to be aware as there is no batter light to tell you that it may be running low on juice. But, hey, for $18, you really can’t ask for a better product at that price!

There are so many other awesome products out there. If you want to find out more about different products, check out this link and these products!

You won’t be disappointed with the cool options that they have listed on how to make your budget film look amazing!