Made In Carolinas 2017: What’s Your Story? RULES


Made in Carolinas 2017: What’s Your Story is the 8th film contest of it’s kind presented by Carolina Film Community!

For this year, filmmakers will be asked to create a short documentary film based on a story that takes place in either North or South Carolina. All stories that are featured must true or  be BELIEVED to be true. For instance, The Devil’s Tramping Ground in Chatham County is a story that is full of lore that has never been proven but many believe that it is true. We know for certain that there is no Easter Bunny, so an documentary on the Easter Bunny would not be accepted.

*Re-enactments are acceptable but not required*

*Mockumentaries are acceptable AS LONG AS THE SUBJECT MATTER IS FACTUAL*

Each film will be viewed by an independent panel and the top 10 films (the top 3 student films) will be accepted into the final round and viewed at our event that will take place on September 12th at Studio Movie Grille in the Epicentre. At that event, the audience in attendance will vote on the following categories to determine the winners of each.

Each winner in the following categories will be awarded a cash prize:

Best Overall Film $1500

Best Director $750

Best Performance $750


Best Cinematography $750

Best Concept For Film $500

Best Student Film $750

More information will revealed along the way on our website as well as our Facebook page, so be sure to continue to follow us here.

Below are the contest rules for General and Students.

Contest Rules 

General/Students (Through 12th grade)

The Purpose:

 Each film will be a short documentary style film. The subject of the film must be a true (or what is to be believed as true) story that takes place in the Carolinas. Any story that is KNOWN to be fictional will not be accepted (i.e. The Easter Bunny). Re-enactments are allowed but not required.  

Entry Fees:

$15 entry fee for CFC yearly members. If you are not sure about your yearly membership standing, email and she will check on your yearly membership status.

$ 40 entry fee for non-members(This includes a yearly membership to Carolina Film Community- Yearly membership to CFC is $25 per year) . To learn how to become a yearly member, visit our website at


 All films must be an original work created for the Made In Carolinas 2017  Film Project

 The film must be shot within NC or SC

 At some point in the film, a local newspaper from the town where the story is featured must be shown on screen

 Film must be at least 7 minutes long and no longer than 10 minutes long – not including credits

 Film must be submitted to or in person at the August 1st CFC meeting using a flash drive containing the file.

 Films may not be screened or shared publicly before they are officially collected and released by CFC at the screening on September 12th, 2017. To do so would disqualify the film from the contest.

 All films will be reviewed by an independent panel. The top 10 films (top 3 student films) will be accepted into the final round of the contest and viewed at our Red Carpet Screening on September 12th, 2017.

 CFC retains the rights to publicly screen any films submitted in to the Made In Carolinas 2017 Film Project at any time as a means to promote CFC and CFC Film Contests, as well as the filmmaker.

 Entries are due by September 1st, 2017.

For more information, email