Meet CFC’s Operations Team

If you’ve been to a CFC meeting lately, you may have noticed how much we are growing and changing. Well, we couldn’t do most of the amazing things that we do without the help of our volunteers.

The following volunteers make up what is known as our Operations Team.

Natalie Johnston

Natalie is the friendly face you will see as you walk into our monthly meetings. She handles all membership renewals, registrations, and event fees.

Natalie graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Film and Video Production from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. She has PA’d for commercials and short films over the past few years. Editing is her passion and she loves the element of storytelling. For a full- time job, she works for NASCAR Media Group logging footage and fulfilling¬†footage requests. During the NASCAR season she manages a digital App for Sportvision called Raceview.
Rachel Payne
Rachel works behind the scenes handling all media for the CFC monthly meetings. She is the person to talk to if you would like your short film, trailer, and/or teaser shown at a meeting. You can reach her at
Born outside Los Angeles, CA, Rachel relocated to Bolivia, South America, for the majority of high school. She studied all aspects of theater and classical singing at an arts college in Mississippi, transferring to a university outside Chicago, IL to focus on acting training under Kathryn Gately. After training at the Moscow Art Theatre School in Russia, Rachel has worked professionally an actress, writer and producer in Chicago, Boston, and Charlotte, NC.
Jake and Noah Emmons
And these two guys will be also there to help you as you arrive. They will greet you with a smile and point you in the right direction.
Noah is a high senior at York Prep Academy where he plays soccer and also runs a gaming club. Jake is a college sophmore where he is majoring in English and is a writer who has already finished two books. If you’d like to find out more about his first book, click here!