CFC Visits Winthrop University Students

Recently, CFC Advisory Board Member Chris Baker visited the classroom of fellow CFC-er Eric Ho at Winthrop University. Chris took the opportunity to speak  to the  students about how to write a great story and the importance of the “Rule of 3” and “Call backs”.

He used graphs to explain the “Rule of 3”, explaining to the students that every great story has  3 main parts (the setup, the confrontation, and the resolution.) He also went on to explain that when creating a story and making into a film, it’s important to use what is known as the “Callback” – where the story sets up a situation and then revisits that situation in the resolution

In order to show these rules in effect, he shared some of his own short films with the class.

And even used popular Hollywood trailers to explain that even in a trailer a story is being told and a great trailer will do that using the Rule of 3.