Reaching out to the Winthrop Community

Chris Baker and Adam Franklin, both members of the Carolina Film Community’s Advisory Board took time in the last couple of weeks to visit Winthrop University. Specifically, they visited fellow Advisory Board Member, Eric Ho and his Graphic Design Class.

In the class, students have been given an assignment to take a film and create a trailer… the catch? Make the trailer in a completely different genre than what the original film portrays.

Chris was able to talk to the class about finding the breaks (1st, 2nd, 3rd) in each film and relating them to the trailer while Adam guided the students on the ins and outs of how trailers are created and how to go about creating their own.
Each speaker took time to speak with the students and look over their projects offering advice and guidance with their assignment.

Chris Baker speaking to the Graphic Design Class at Winthrop University