IT’S ALIVE! Take a look at how these high school students got an in depth look at becoming a zombie!

Have you ever wondered what it takes to go from regular every day “Joe” to a flesh-eating zombie? Well, the students at Parkwood High School got the chance to find out. In a personal and interactive event as part of their Student Enrichment Event, FX artists Gregory Hewitt (Face/Off) and Lori Bryant spent the day teaching the students what it takes to be an FX artists and what goes into creating the terrifying creatures from our favorite movies.


Lori takes some time to explain what goes into the event below:

“We have a cast and crew call at 4:00am at the GregoryF/X Studio. The actors are put in full costume and makeup and then board Toe Tag1, a mobile makeup shuttle, and we head to the school. The morning starts with a wonderful PowerPoint presentation where Gregory discusses his experience with TV and movies, his background and education, and the wonderful and robust world of special effects makeup artistry. Focus is on inspiring the students and bringing attention to the importance of the arts.

We then roll into the Zombie Attack Show that’s full of surprises! The students are kept on edge with a mindset of what will happen next!  Several students are preselected to be involved.  The cast is outfitted in authentic, hand stitched creations by GregoryFX. The prostethics are from fx artists and custom ones designed by Gregory himself.

Following the Show, the actors and makeup artists all join on stage for a Roundtable Discussion where the students ask any question and interact with the crew and Gregory.  This is a wonderful time for the students to get real-life feedback from a seasoned, well established cast and crew.

Next, we all break for lunch and then it’s off to the gym for a hands-on  class.

  Gregory walks them through wound creation as the cast walks around always full of surprises, in character, and the makeup artists assist the students. Gregory works one on one with any student asking a specific question or instruction as does the crew.

Feedback from our Student Enrichment Events has been very positive. The impact from both the crew’s standpoint and the teachers and student body has been very positive and many students send responses that are so heart felt about how they have been transpired to follow their passions and not just believing they have to do what is expected, but much rather what they desire.”

It sounds like a lot of excitement for those students. We are so honored to count Gregory and Lori as part of our membership at Carolina Film Community and for their contribution in continuing to educate the community on their aspects of film!

For more information on Gregory, visit his website: